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Basilicata coast-to-coast: my own version

Two and a half days, 192 km, climbing for 4120 m , a mix of simple but intense emotions that grew up inside me during my first solo trip from the coast of the Ionian Sea, precisely from Policoro (MT), to the Tyrrhenian coast, to Maratea (PZ).

It is my first experience of traveling by bicycle and I have chosen the route taking care to limit, as much as possible, the percentage of the slopes of the climbs included in it: I have collected each checkpoints, altimetric data and the distances from each town I went through.

Three days, several gpx tracks and a short story that I hope will inspire you too to discover Basilicata: a beautiful land.

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    From the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea, two and a half days, 192 km, climbed up for 4120 m, a mix of intense emotions that slowly collected during my first solo trip from the Ionian Sea coast, precisely from Policoro (MT), to Tyrrhenian coast, in Maratea (PZ). In this article I will tell you what happened during the first day, I will you details on the chosen routes, the altitudes and the gpx tracks.
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Some travellers I use to follow to get enough inspired!


After finding a fixed gear in a Dublin canal, this guy started pedaling around the world. His videos on youtube tell about his travels, reviews on accessories or invaluable guides for those who approach bikepacking lifestyle for the first time.

Pietro Franzese


Myra is an example for everyone: she travels the world by bicycle, collecting plastic waste found along the road. It practically helps to clean up and heal our planet. Her message, wherever she goes, is a constant trigger for anyone who comes across her (virtually or personally) to beahve in armony within our world.

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